Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internet Poker

The birds are still chirping outside my home 24/7.

Could you imagine how embarrassed I'd be if I walked into my living room and saw that I've accidentally been playing a CD of nature sounds on my stereo system for the past few months?

That somehow I hit "repeat" and that's why it plays all day and all night?

Not sure I could handle that.

I don't think I even own a stereo system but it doesn't matter.

I'm not going into the living room.

Not gonna take the chance that there's a CD of birds chirping.

I'm just going to sit here at the computer, stare outside the window at the birds in the trees that I know are there, and play internet poker.


Check Raise Chin said...

Birds a chirping and the fish are swimming.

The Hare Krishnas would be proud of you Rob.

FreeFormCoder said...

every time a bird chirps, someone on party poker folds.