Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here's a Recipe For Fun.

People are always asking me how to have fun in Las Vegas. As if I have all the answers. Yet once in awhile I come through. Once in awhile I'm the guy with the club passes.* Sometimes it's good to know Robert. Like right now for instance. Cause I just came up with a new game and since we hang out like this on the internet, I'm gonna share it with you. First. Before I tell anyone else.

This game is appropriate for The Vegas Year because you can bet on it! I'm sure many readers will be relieved to read that fact. Hey you know how Bob Dylan said the answer is blowing in the wind? Well if by "answer" he meant "distinct floral breeze" then Bob may very well have been singing about my new game.

Friend, the answer is the cologned oxygen permeating throughout the casino entrances of the MGM, Venetian, Caesars.

You see where I'm going with all this?

My idea for big Summer fun is a prop bet where we go into these casinos and take a big whiff. Just really get to know the smell by each entrance. Then we blind fold each other and drive around town to see if each of us can tell what casino we're in just by using our nose.

Imagine the tension after you drive me to MGM and I get it right. Picture your frayed nerves as we pull into Caesars self parking and I bluff by walking you the exact number of steps it takes to get into the Venetian. All while my assistants are spraying Polo and Aramis in the air just a few feet ahead of us.

If this doesn't sound like fun, just add a zero to whatever amount we are playing for. If this still doesn't sound like fun, just add another zero!

And if this still doesn't sound like fun then maybe Las Vegas isn't really the city for you.

* club passes happens to be a really bad example of a way I can come through for you.


KajaPoker said...

I thought they all smelled like money.

One more way to trick your opponent is to have someone pretend to be a valet who says: "Welcome to the (insert wrong casino name here)".

Anonymous said...

I'd take some of that action.

My stomach cringes as I'm getting ready to open the doors to a casino knowing exactly what perfumed odor I'm about ready to smell and in some instances taste.


eric said...


What up dude!

Darren A, Shane S, and Dave W will be in Vegas weekend of June 13-15, get some club passes and get in touch.

Wish I was coming.

Dr. Pauly said...

I'm in too.

BWoP said...

Crap. I'm gonna have to start spending more time in casinos. The only one that I can recognize is the Venetian.

Now I know why I moved to Vegas . . . to win the sniffer test!