Monday, May 12, 2008

If You're Gonna Complain You Gotta Show

I called a preflop raise Sunday night with ace 10 suited. Flop came out ace, 10, 2 and I bet. My opponent raised. I pushed all in. My opponent called. I was hoping he had something like ace king or ace queen. He could have a flush draw. Worse case scenario was a set of 2's.

I decided to show my cards. Show the whole table I had top two pair. Nothing to hide here. My opponent however showed nothing so it looked like he was on a draw. Thus I was relieved to see the flush card miss on the turn.

The river was great news. Another 10 to fill up my boat. My opponent mucked his cards and as the dealer pushed me the pot, this guy started to complain about how I had just sucked out on him and his set of 2's.

You know - that same set he didn't show.

Then he made a face and gave me the "nice catch" line.

I didn't respond.

I just couldn't muster up the energy to pretend along with him.

I was ahead the whole time and didn't need to hit the 10 on the river to pass him. Yet this guy really wanted me to think I got lucky. It was his way of protecting his ego. It's all he would talk about the rest of the night. Every time I beat him in a pot he'd go on and on about how lucky I was. Even in hands where I never improved post flop! He was just embarrassing himself.

But sticking with this initial hand, here's the thing I want to say to the guy:

If you're gonna complain about getting sucked out on then you actually need to show me the set of 2's. I can't give you the empathy you deserve if you don't show me your cards. Of course I wanna feel sorry for you. I'm a sensitive guy. But you're not giving me the chance to when you muck your cards and don't show anyone.

Around an hour later he told me he wasn't angry with me.

Thanks man. Thanks alot.

Thanks for not being angry with me for having the best hand.

On the flop, turn and river.

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DuggleBogey said...

Reminds me of my all time favorite poker joke (used in the comic on my blog):

How do you know when a poker player is lying? When he's TELLING you what his cards were.