Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hot Grinder On Grinder Action 2

Some human beings have asked for the result of a hand I wrote about almost two weeks ago in the post Hot Grinder On Grinder Action!.

I thought it was best to not share the ending because in poker we're not results oriented. It makes no difference how the cards turned out on this particular hand. It's about the choices each player made. Who hits or misses is irrelevant. The sample is too small. Over the long run the winners and losers will be determined by how well we play our hands, not what card the dealer turns over this one time.

That said, I understand it's very important to some of you to know.

I know each of these poker hands has their fan club full of believers. The pocket 10's folks will be excited if it holds up. And the ace king suited crowd can't stop taking about all their outs.

Where do I come in? Well I want to give the people, specifically these results oriented human beings what they want. That's what I'm here for. So I've decided to take a page out of the Harrahs playbook and announce the result of this ace king suited versus pocket 10's hand sometime in November after the final table of the WSOP main event.

It'll give us all something to look forward to.


MorningThunder said...

Great choice. It's good for your blog. Now it's up to you to do the requisite hyping and promotion. Can't sit on this. You should have an update every blog entry. Maybe some obscure stats. Even get the other grinder to guest post.

I predict your readership will explode.


J. Mordecai said...

A brilliant plan, fatally flawed. We'll all know the truth when you show up for dinner wearing the coveted 'Thursday Night Venetian 1-2 NL Cash Game' Bracelet.