Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Night June 21

So here I am.  At Vegas.  In the Rio.  I arrived in time to play the 8pm mega satellite to gain entry into the Main Event.   Unfortunately when I got to the cage I found out tonight's event was pot limit Omaha. I almost jumped in but then thought that's the kind of move that might accidentally make money and become a great story so why not play it safe and join a single table $275 old school sit and go instead?  

Play was pretty mediocre.    I forgot how miserable people act at the poker table.  One guy gave me a dirty look when I checked out of order.  Let me add that it was only the two of us in the hand so in theory I was helping him, by letting him know what I was doing.  He turned red and gave me a stare.  As if I was angle playing.   For entertainment purposes I should have announced "raise" after he bet just to see what happened.  Next time.  When the cameras are there for our poker reality show. 

This guy along with the other table  a-hole were the first two out.  That was nice of the universe.  I was less lucky.  As blinds grew I played two hands all in.   My Ace King lost to Ace 4 in a scenario where I knew I had the best hand before we turned over.    Then at the end my pocket tens lost to ace 7 even after I flopped the third 10.  Back when I was a kid I think we used to call that a set.   I expected the ace to flop but instead the guy went runner ruuner to make a straight with his 7.  Some combination of jack, 8, 9.   I burst into laughter.  Some say no one has seen a genuine smile from someone under a difficult circumstance like that since Popovich congratulated Lebron after game 7.   

Lets hope I got "it" out of my system.  And by "it" I mean the inability to win when ahead.  I was saying earlier today that I need ace king to beat pocket pairs to get anywhere.   But the two hands above are why I don't attempt to do this every day anymore. 

Now I remember how this goes.  This is when I give a lecture on how I can only get my chips in good.  Forgot about the silliness that happens afterwards.  None of that matters.  Tonight was a success because I was ahead when the cards were shown.  I just don't have the money to show for it.


See you tomorrow over here.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013