Friday, January 25, 2008

What Is My Limit?

I think I had a bankroll epiphany.

I have a real hard time losing my stack at limit poker.

This makes limit poker safer to play.

Whether I'm ahead or behind is not that crucial.


Because at the end of the hand something mildly good or mildly bad will happen. Nothing pot sized or stack sized like no limit.

Hmmmmm. Less good and less bad. I think we call that less variance.

I often double up at the no limit cash table. But then again I drop full buy ins. There are huge swings both ways. It's scary and dangerous at times.

But not limit. Limit is deceiving. Limit is the sucker game. Mainly because it looks so simple.

And there's that constant stupid debate over which is harder: limit or no limit. I hate this discussion. They're not the same game. You can't compare them.

Each form of hold em is tough in its own way. Limit is certainly safer for the novice. It's not such a big deal to lose 1 big bet on each street. And oftentimes at limit, players will end up getting the proper odds to chase and/or be a calling station. Unlike no limit.

Playing limit is certainly more of a grind for me. Fewer exciting moments. Less to write about. But if it's the way for me to make I am.

I played limit tonight and was shocked by how often the "good" players at the table fired 3 straight bullets with only ace high.

I kept calling them down and winning and getting glares. In fact I misplayed one hand and folded bottom pair on the river because I assumed there was no way it could be good after a bet and a call in front of me. It was.

So my thought here, the challenge if you will, is to play limit, and try to conquer each level. I'm ready to learn. I don't mind stepping down to start.
I'd play 4/8 or 5/10. Makes no difference to me. I know the Bellagio has an 8/16 game that I've never tried.

The goal will be to build up to an appropriate chip stack, so that I can move over to the 15/30 game. Then play 15/30 until I find myself with enough chips for 30/60 table. 50/100. And so on.

Maybe there is a level that I don't beat. A level that I can't get past.

Who knows?

I sure don't. I gotta find out.

Daniel Negreanu wrote that if he had to play 80/160 for a living he'd want to shoot himself because it would be too boring. Negreanu has won millions of dollars, so I suppose that changes his point of view on grinding. I imagine that making $160 an hour is alot of money to most people.

I guess that's one definition of success:

Being to the point where you can complain that you're bored with only making $160 an hour.

At the poker table.


kurokitty said...

Bellagio's $15/30 game has a reputation for being juicy.

Sean said...

Hey Robert, it's funny because I was just considering that limit hold'em is on its way out. Yet now you're refocusing to limit?

What do you think, Is Limit Hold'em Dying?

Obviously, you've got a lot more experience since you are in Vegas, and I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

Check Raise Chin said...

Go for it Rob. I'm sure it'll be an adjustment but you'll do great.

You can't lose your BR on a Limit game on one hand like you can in NL. Especially with some of the crazies out there playing NL.

Good Luck Bro!

jusdealem said...

Recently found your blog and wanted to say that I am really enjoying it. Finally a live player/blogger! :) Good luck with your limit experiment.

dave said...

Limit is for suckers.

Eric said...


Maybe I'm overstepping my bounds -- but I'm as dedicated a reader of your blog as there is. And of course I know you for awhile.

It seems to me you are losing your focus -- or giving up in the central money-making premise of this venture.

As I understood it the assumptions were:
1. the popularity of No Limit Hold 'Em has exploded (not Limit Hold Em)
2. Thousands of wannabees come to Vegas everyday with cash to blow and a party attitude.
3. You are a serious and talented player.
4. You move to Vegas to prey on the wannabees and their loose money.
5. NO LIMIT HOLD EM is the best gane to do that precisely becase of its popularity and variance.

So what happened? Is No Limit or BUST.