Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Risk Assessment

In search of some fresh anti-itch cream, I drove down Maryland Parkway towards Flamingo looking for a drug store. I had to make a left hand turn crossing through a busy intersection. There was one car coming towards me, maybe 30 yards away. I could have made the turn in time.

In rush hour it would be the kind of turn you'd have to make if you ever want to get to where you're going. Yet with mellow traffic conditions and no cars behind this one car coming my way, I waited patiently for him to pass. And then I made my left.

And I had a rush of familiarity. It reminded me of poker.

It made me think of how everything is situational. Sometimes in life the blinds are small and your cards are okay but someone raises you and it's best just to fold and be patient and wait.

And yet other times the blinds are high. You're low in chips and it gets folded around to you. And suddenly that very same hand that you'd fold in level 1 becomes not only playable but absolutely pushable under the circumstances.

Sometimes in life it's worth it to make that risky left turn.

And other times it isn't.

It's all relative.


WillyR said...

what's the over/under on # posts you make to this blog in 2008?

Robert said...

Hmmm...maybe 175?

WillyR said...

Oh...I'll take the under for sure. But I won't give you the action. That'd be like playing fantasy football in a league where YOU'RE the commissioner.