Friday, January 11, 2008

Poker and Ego

I played in a poker tournament today at the Venetian and 3 different people at my table claimed to play poker for a living.

Now there's this rumor going around that I play poker a living. And that may or may not be true. But I sure didn't believe these guys did. And for the sake of this entry lets say that I'm wrong.

Lets say these guys really do play poker for a living. What I don't get is why any professional would want to share this information. This isn't some 10k tourney. It's $150 on a weekday at noon.

Saying that they're a pro isn't going to intimidate anyone. If anything it only helps players like me who know that I can steal from them. After all it's these "pros" who are supposed to know how to fold.

To add to the comedy, a few minutes later I fumbled my chips when betting and one of the "pros" made fun of me for obviously being a beginner.

I could have listed my resume. But instead I played along and said in my most sarcastic tone "Yeah I bet so smoothly from all of my years of practice."

I'm happy to be the tourist.

Soon after, during a big hand, one player called time on another. The player who was taking too long said he needed extra time because he's a pro and not some tourist on vacation.

To which the player who called for time responded "I may be dressed like a tourist but I'm not a tourist either."

Wow that made me laugh.

And I may have even made a joke.

But no one heard me.

They were too busy telling each other how they were all professionals.


dave said...

This plays off my favorite conversation in online poker. Whenever someone starts bragging about how much money he makes playing online, it is almost a 100% tell he is the biggest fish at the table.

Check Raise Chin said...


I took your advice and put in seperate bets on the Chargers and the Giants instead of a parlay.

So far so good. I will book a profit because the Chargers won.

I won't be hedging the bet because I just can't stand the Cowboys.

Go Big Blue. Speak to you soon Rob.

Robert said...

Nice job.