Monday, January 07, 2008

What happens at the North Valet entrance, stays at the North Valet entrance.

The Bellagio's new club The Bank just opened up and if nothing else it makes waiting for the valet after I've lost money playing poker way more interesting.

Hmmm. What do you think these ladies would do with 8,4 suited in the big blind?

Would they check their option to raise preflop just like I did?

What would these ladies do with their flush against two opponents on a 7,9,10 all hearts flop? How about when a non-heart ace comes on the turn?

Would they call a push with their straight flush redraw? What if they knew they were beat but only had 200 dollars left on the table and there was over 1000 sitting in the middle?

We'll never know what they would do.

I certainly couldn't ask them because at this point they started making out. I didn't take those photos because that would have been rude and not respecting their privacy. And as you know I'm way too classy for that.

To recap the night: I could have stayed at home. But instead I went to the Bellagio and spent $400 on these 3 photos.

Consider them a gift. From me to you.


FreeFormCoder said...

Were they hookers or real lipstick lesbians? What is a "real lipstick lesbian"?

Bigger question, why is this blog still called thevegasyear when you're obviously going to still be doing it 10 years from now? ;)

CSuave said...

So you really mean you took those pics and kept them for yourself right? Not wanting the wife to see them... LOL