Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Understanding My Job

When I go to work, my job isn't to make money.


That would be paying attention to results.

My job is simply to get my chips in good.

Over and over again.

That's it.

That's my job.


Check Raise Chin said...

Does this also mean calling a huge pot on a draw without the odds?

This is something that I find difficult at times.

For example, I see alot of people calling a flush draw when they're getting crappy odds. I am guilty of this occasionally.

Rob do you see this happening often?

A lot of guys will call you with a flush draw (because people just love those suited cards don't they??) when their odds or their implied odds don't add up, just to try and win a huge pot.

From your perspective, would you call on a draw, with a huge pot at stake, even if your odds of hitting are less than the pot odds? Or do you stay disciplined and not chase?

Just curious.

Robert said...

I think the biggest mistake I see is watching players call a pot sized bet on the flop because they're 2 to 1 to make their flush.

This math ignores the additional money they're going to have to call off on the turn, when their odds of hitting a flush have actually gotten worse.

But to answer your question, no, I wouldn't call a bet to see the river at a worst price than the odds of making my hand....unless I knew that my opponent will absolutely pay me off if I hit.

Check Raise Chin said...

Fair enough Rob.

On the flipside, what about pushing with a flush draw?

Usually you don't have the right odds if you get a call anyway. But I guess that's offset by possibly the folding equity you're going to get by pushing on a flush draw.

Question: Would you push on a draw? or only in certain conditions?

Robert said...

Only in certain conditions.