Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma

I called my Grandmother Mary on the phone to wish her a Happy Birthday and she told me how she was knocked out 4th (on the bubble) in an online sit and go tournament earlier this week when her pocket jacks were cracked by 3,5 off.

"Who plays 3,5 off?" she asked me and we shared a laugh.

But it's a fair enough question. Who plays 3,5 off?

Well for starters lots of bad people do. Not only bad poker players.

Bad people.

You know.

Liars and Crooks. Cheaters and Lunatics. Terrorists. Rich People. Actors.

However where it can get confusing for some of us is that sometimes good people play 3,5 off too.

People just like you and I.

Poor people. People with bad vision. Firemen. People with bad short term memory. Peace officers. People with bad long term memory. Doctors. Minorities. Blood bank donors.

To further add to the drama, there is also an entire gray area of people who play the 3,5.

Comedians. Professional Wrestlers. Sperm bank donors. Union members. The National Guard. Short order cooks.

Sometimes even I play 3,5 off.

Mostly it's just a hand for those of us who like a little too much action.

Happy Birthday Grandma.

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Check Raise Chin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rob to you and your family!

Keep up the good work bud!