Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Hand Is Better Than No Hands

I played a four hour session last night and on only one occasion did the dealer push the pot to me at the end of the hand. One.

I had 8, 10 suited. The hand of champions.

I flopped the flush draw cause I'm popular.

Turned the open ended straight draw.

And hit on the river.

See how easy poker is?

This hand occurred at the 3 hour and 18 minute mark of my session and doubled me up right as I was on the border of feeling sorry for myself.

My 600 stack had bled down to 242. Minus 348.

This one hand brought me back up to 535.

That was the good news.

The bad news is it would be my entire earnings for the night. This one pot.

He he.

I finally left 45 minutes later without winning another hand.

And maybe Vegas is getting to me because I'm about tell you that I felt good about the session.

I know I got no cards.

I had very little opportunity.

But the big difference between now and a year ago, is a year ago I would have lost my entire stack trying to make something happen and afterwards blamed it on the deck.

Now I accept that getting past cold streaks like this without losing alot of money is completely my responsibility. No one cares that the deck was cruel.

So yes I lost money on the night. But I maintained a decent amount of chips. Enough to come back with and play again tomorrow. And whether it's the next day or this weekend at some point situations will go right for me. And poker will seem easy again.

I woke up this morning real grateful it didn't go worse.

I could have won no hands.

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