Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Guess Money Really Does Change People

I played at Caesars Palace Friday night with friends from NYC.

Pictured below is my man A.C.

You know how OJ has Al Cowlings? Well this is Andy Cohen. He would never ask to be written about but he's a good guy to know if you're ever driving down the 405 with a gun in the car and a bunch of LA's finest behind you.

The photo above was taken moments before A.C. won a big hand with quad 9's. He managed to get paid on every street. In the above photo A.C. still has his innocence. He still has that sparkle in his eye.

Contrast that with A.C. again only maybe 20 minutes later.

Can you see the difference? Can you tell what he has lost and who he has become?

Snooty. Obnoxious. Judgmental.

We all just want the pre-quads A.C. back. What happened to that guy?

That guy was hopeful.



But post quads all we get is this guy.

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