Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raising Good

I had an enjoyable session last night in terms of switching gears. Kept mixing my style up. I probably played more hands than usual but more importantly I raised way more often and it felt so freaking good.

This style served me well. And just when my raising seemed to have gotten on everyone's nerves and no one believed me anymore, I picked up pocket aces, bet the whole way, and got paid off. In those moments poker seems so easy.

Playing more aggressively definitely confuses people. The less experienced players don't want to play hands with you. They stay away unless then have a monster.

More experienced players will come along for the ride but they're forced to play a guessing game each time I bet.

The most entertaining part was betting way more hands than usual and yet people seeming to believe me more.

Some of the harsh poker moments I've experienced over the past week have turned out to be helpful. Certain weaknesses in my game were exposed and if I'm going to lose money it's wonderful to receive a lesson from it.

Having a few losing sessions definitely led me to me do some deeper thinking. The education continues. Two steps forward, one step backwards. Over and over again.

There are so many things in poker that take years to sink in. I might know the correct play in a spot but it still takes years for me to understand deep down in my bones why I am doing what I am doing.

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