Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've Had Finer Weeks

"Hey we’re all coming from a different direction and sometimes it doesn’t get in sync."
-Vic Ferrari

Tonight was frustrating in that I managed to lose money and don't even have a good story to tell.

I'm still not feeling incredibly sharp at the table this week.

The breaks aren't going my way either.

My most memorable hand was holding queen 10 suited with a flush draw on queen high flop. I hit a ten on the turn to improve to two pair with my draw. But then a king came on the river and my opponent who stuck around for some reason with her ace jack hits the gutshot. Not too much I can do there.

The only good news is when she raised on the river she executed a string bet and so I only lost what I initially bet. I didn't have to sit there and ponder the call.

Meanwhile things might be getting more hectic. The foreclosed home we are renting gets auctioned in a week.

Of course it does. Why wouldn't it?

When I filled out the rental application ten months ago the owner asked me for financial information so he could conduct a credit check.

It never occurred to me that in this Vegas housing bubble maybe I should have asked him for the same.

Emotionally and mentally I need to ignore this problem. I must go sit at the table and play good poker for as many hours as I can handle.

Everything else will work itself out.

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