Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Day In The Life

I know what you’re thinking.

This is the Vegas Year. You don't only want to read about poker.

You also want to hear about the mundane stuff that fills up my days.

Well be careful what you ask for my friend because here’s what I did yesterday.

I didn’t play poker.

That's right. Instead of sitting in a casino folding cards I spent the day renting a truck to bring home a coffee table that we ordered two months ago. It wouldn’t fit in our car so Budget Truck Rental got themselves some business.

We also used this truck to pick up a screen door and some outdoor furniture. Basically all the items we've been thinking about buying that do not fit into our Japanese car.

I stress out when it comes to moving. Check raising with a flush draw I have no problem with. But making decisions like whether or not to take the insurance on a rental truck freaks me out.

However it turned out that the hard part of the day wasn’t actually the move. It was putting everything together afterwards because nothing comes assembled anymore.

Watching me figure out the instructions to put together a table is like watching an old person in Florida trying to vote.

Luckily for the table my wife was there to help. She’s pretty handy. She even has her own tool box. And the person with the tools is usually in charge.

I'd go so far to say I think I need clearance to use certain items around the house.

She’ll disagree with this but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna use the juicer without her supervision. And I may as well ask since either way she’s going to know I used it.

Me cleaning up the kitchen counter after juicing is like watching OJ clean up the Bronco.

(Boy am I on fire with the analogies today. A 2000 Florida voting reference and a 1994 OJ joke all in the same blog entry! Who knows what tidbit of trivia my fingers will bang out next?)

So back to our appliances, I definitely have blender privileges. No doubt about that. Anytime I wanna use the blender it’s all me. I don’t even have to ask.

But the truth is I like asking.

When we were searching for a house to live in I remember looking at one in particular and asking my wife if we could turn the second bedroom into an office.

Now some guys get all macho and tell their wives how it’s going to be but personally I love not having to make these decisions.

I make enough decisions every day playing poker. For me to decide whether a room will be a bedroom or office is just too much damn work.

The way I see it my role around the house is more that of an unpaid lobbyist.

I make suggestions to move legislation forward.

Sure these suggestions can sometimes be influenced by the money I receive.

But we don't have children yet so my integrity is still pretty solid.

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dave said...

Taking the insurance on the rental truck is like betting the hard 8 in craps.

Check with your credit card company, they probably insure your rentals anyway.