Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another night at the office

This is poker: I get pocket kings twice. Lose the first hand. Win the second hand. End up a total of 13.5 big blinds from the two together.

This is also poker: I get 2 5 suited twice. Win the first hand. Lose the second hand. End up a total of 124 big blinds from the two together.

Don't knock the 2 5 suited. With a hand like that you have a real good idea where you stand on the flop. Pocket kings can be way more confusing.

I played tonight at Green Valley Ranch Casino. It was only my second time not playing on the Strip. But much to my amazement it was crowded late on a Tuesday night. Who the hell are these people?

No one at my table was even close to being a professional. I've been keeping away from the suburban casinos because I assumed they were all the locals and grinders and tight players. And while yes it was true that alot of them were tight, more importantly most of them played really weak. There were times when all 10 people limped preflop. Lets just say it was easy to see a flop. And these people were not hard to outplay post flop.

Who the hell is playing poker at Green Valley Casino at Midnight on a Tuesday?

I mean besides me.

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