Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vegas Fact #9

Vegas Fact #9
I almost hate to bring this up but apparently I'm the red ants in Nevada house guy. The Google search engine brings up The Vegas Year as your first stop on the web if you need information on red ants in Nevada house.

Now lets not get carried away here. My red ants expertise is narrow and limited. Like if you're looking for info on "red ants in Nevada" then I'm not necessarily the best source. I wouldn't feel good providing that information. It's a little beyond my scope. But if you wanna know all about "red ants in Nevada house" then I'm clearly your guy.

I have no idea why or how this blog is listed first under that search. And I'm well aware that my being the #1 source on red ants in Nevada house could change at any moment. But I do want to go on the record as having said that I'm really glad to see Google finally take the red ants I wrote about very seriously.

Yeah I know some people have accused me of using the red ants any way I can. Taking advantage of them. Riding their little red ant coat tails to fame and fortune. I'm well aware of all this talk. A lot of these comments have come from people who are or were close friends and I'm really not sure what to say to them. I didn't choose to be bitten by the red ants. I didn't choose to become the expert on red ants in Nevada house. The red ants chose me.

This past year I thought living in Vegas was all about seeing what I could do at the poker tables. But sometimes you can't run from your destiny.

I'm the red ants in Nevada house guy.

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