Thursday, February 21, 2008

80% Truth

4 of the following 5 items are facts. 1 is fiction.

1-I played poker at the Wynn tonight and bumped into Mr Subliminal. Man that guy is below the threshold of conscious perception.

2- I sat next to a woman who told me she visited New York City and was unimpressed with Times Square. Wanted it to be larger. Complained to me that it was "only like a corner of the Strip." I immediately folded on this conversation.

3- On my bathroom break I saw a guy by the roulette table wearing a Party Poker hat getting paid out 35 to 1 for hitting 00 with a couple of grand on the number. As he was collecting his massive payout of chips, Steve Wynn walked over and started taunting him. Wynn was like "You are such an idiot! You just bet on double zero! That has a 37 to 1 chance of hitting! You hit your 3 percent long shot! Do you know how lucky you are? You are really a terrible gambler. Absolutely terrible."

4- Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup is 18 to 1 at the Wynn, and 30 to 1 at the Hilton. According to Blerge, Steve Wynn knows his hockey although I'm not so sure what's going on over at the Hilton. I did read that one of the Hilton kids was arrested a week or two ago, so maybe they've just been all distracted dealing with that and haven't had time to adjust their hockey lines yet.

5- At my first poker table tonight I saw 16 playable hands and managed to lose 15 of them. My only success, "the 16th hand" if you will, the only time I actually see a pot pushed my way is when I chop an all in pot heads up with the big blind, and after rake and tip I actually lose money on the hand! I got mad skills.


DuggleBogey said...

I'm thinking it's number three because there is no 00 on a craps table. It's tough to roll 00 with dice.

Robert said...

The game the dude with the party poker hat was playing was actually roulette and not craps. But I screwed up and wrote craps in the original entry. I guess I need a fact checker.

I'm leaving this comment because I'm about to edit the original post to say "roulette" in item 3 (for future generations of children that will read this.) And once I do the edit, dugglebogey's comment(s) about there being no 00 at craps, and the ensuing difficulty of rolling a 00, will not make as much sense.

FreeFormCoder said...

#3. Because.

PJS JR. said...

#3 because Wynn wouldn't yell at that guy. And, because you are too good of a player to lose your first 15 played hands.

Mr Subliminal said...

#3 is definitely true as I heard about that incident from several other people at the Wynn.

Check Raise Chin said...

# 4 is fiction.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

thepackage said...

#5. No one is that unlucky!

Poker Rookie said...

#2 is my choice just b/c.