Thursday, February 14, 2008

They Call Him The Finger

The Finger showed up to Vegas this week.

You know how some people use card protectors when playing poker, so the dealer won't accidentally muck their cards?

Not The Finger.

He doesn't need a lousy card protector.

Why would he?

He has The Finger!

Trust me when I warn you not to get into an altercation with The Finger.

Think of it this way:

Any contact is going to hurt The Finger much more than it's going to hurt you. So if The Finger actually finds a good enough reason to physically come after you, you probably deserve it.

Now you'd think there's no way that damn Finger would be able to handle an XBOX controller.


It sure seemed like there were too many buttons on it for him to grip it properly.

But that darn Finger, he's a quick learner. His other 9 fingers clearly did the work of 10.

I'm sure the question on everyone's mind is whether it was embarrassing for me to lose at FIFA 07 Soccer to a guy with a huge metal brace on his right index finger?

And the answer is no. Not at all.

Why would I be embarrassed?

I covered the spread.

And everyone knows you play soccer with your feet!


VegasGirl said...
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VegasGirl said...

Oops...I messed up my comment above. I was trying to say that I was thinking of a different casino. Again, great blog. "The Finger" is a great blog entry.