Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Weather

It's beautiful outside here in Vegas.

It's as if someone saw it was March 1st and immediately turned the thermostat up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 24 degrees Celsius.

You know. The kind of weather they promised us in the commercial that told us how life would be perfect in the desert.

No one complains about the Vegas weather like I do. It's really one of my most endearing qualities. And complaining about the weather in Vegas is real easy because Spring lasts for less than a week. It's true. We go from Winter straight into Summer.

So while today is utterly amazing, deep down I fear the warm breeze that's blowing outside. A warm and pleasant Nevada day is clearly a gateway drug. It can only lead to one thing. 120 degree days. That's 48.888 to those of you who think in Celsius. And that's when it gets ugly.

But not today.

No. For this moment in time, today is still perfect. And what better way to spend a perfect day than for me to go sit inside a casino!

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