Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Second City

When I graduated from college I gave some thought to moving to Chicago to take comedy classes at the Second City. Well it's only taken me 16 years to get to the school but I finally made it.

It was my wife's idea to sign up and I tagged along. It's been real interesting entering a beginner level class in something I spent 15+ years doing.

Whenever I tell people I'm taking an "intro to comedy" class they think I must be bored. But I'm not. In fact it's easily the best 3 hours of every week.

We're now up to level 3.

When we complete level 5 we get to meet Tom Cruise.

Most of all it's just nice to have friends again. A dearth of community made the first half of the Vegas Year a little rougher and tougher than expected. But finally knowing some people here makes the Fall seem a little more hopeful.

And our new friends are as diverse as ever. Despite growing up in the melting pot that is NYC, I can't say I've ever had a conversation before where the other two people were Lebanese and Mormon.

Now I do it once or twice a week.

And of course now that I'm friends with people of these backgrounds, I have the comedic license to make fun of them.

That's right.

It took me 16 years but I can finally make fun of Arabs and Mormons.


eric said...

who is the blonde?

Robert said...

I think her family owns a chain of hotels.