Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Vick & My Red Meat

I can't help but think that if Michael Vick was financing a cow killing operation there'd be absolutely no problems for him.

In fact Michael Vick Burgers on a George Foreman Grill might be what's for dinner.

But since Vick was involved in killing dogs and dog is man's best friend, our acquaintance Michael Vick is in some big trouble.

The worst part is I don't think the debate here really has anything to do with Vick.

No. The real debate is whether a dog's life is worth more than a cow's life.

And for most Americans that answer seems to be a resounding Yes.

I'm too lazy to search anything on the internet but what would happen if I googled China? Do they eat dog there? I feel like I've been told that at some point.

If canine eating exists then perhaps the reaction in those places to Vick's killing some dogs would have made him even more popular. Maybe his jersey sales would double and someday he'd own a chain of steakhouses like Don Shula. Except of course they'd serve dog.

There is something overly didactic about a country of meat eaters going after Vick on the animal rights stuff. Have you seen what we do to chickens? Have you seen how they make your veal?

It takes a damn strong dose of self righteousness to say that it's okay to kill a cow but that you are a bad person to kill a dog.

I don't dare cast a stone at Vick on this matter.

That's cause I like my steak medium rare.

I'm a red meat eater who says he loves animals and clearly lives in denial.

That's because when I eat red meat I'm eating a steak. Or a hamburger.

I'm not eating flesh. I'm not eating some animals leg, side or ass.

I think most people agree that it's wrong to kill dogs. I just wish most people wouldn't sit around and bash Vick between bites of their burger.


Berg said...

I can only imagine the marital discord in the Cohen/Bessin house over this one. I can see tomorrow's headline in the Vegas tabloids:

Red Rit Rips Rare Ribeye Robert

I'm not saying I wouldn't pay good money to watch cows fight one another to the death (it would take weeks but be so worth it), but there is a difference to my mind between a traditionally domesticated animal versus an animal farmed specifically for purposes of human sustenance.

To me what is unfair is Vick is taking the fall for too many NFL players. Apparently, this is an epidemic in the league.

Check Raise Chin said...

It's a dog eat dog world out there.

Amrita said...

No marital discord over this one, believe it or not. Obviously, I'm disgusted by the Vick dog stuff, but I'm also a meat-eating hypocrite. My emotions may make a distinction between domesticated animals and those raised for food, but that doesn't change the fact that my meat got to my plate via cruelty to animals.

To me what's unfair is that this story is getting so much attention and outrage while our tax dollars continue to pay for war/cruelty to humans. There's a little Red Rit for you. Oh yeah, and I don't like football :-)

Jaime said...

In china they eat all kinds of strange things that will really gross you out, some of which are prepared in very inhumane ways... many traditional foods and medicinal remedies have become illegal as a result. Korea is where dog is a traditional meal, usually consumed by men, only on special occasions. But these dogs are farm raised (like cows), and quite delicious.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

FWIW, the difference between the dogs and cows thing is that what Vick did is illegal -- unambiguously -- in this country. Killing cows is not. Vick broke the law with his doggery and that's why I say with all the aplomb of a huge beef and chicken eater that Michael Vick is an effing pig and he should be punished for what he did.

It's not about killing a cow vs killing a dog. It's about following the law vs. breaking the law.