Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Beg to Differ

We've been away for the past week. Just got home.

This is what the clock looked like this morning when the car service arrived to take us to the airport:

We were flying standby and had been unable to get on a flight the night before. So when we got on the plane, we were grateful to leave the airport.

Things then got even better. We had seats next to each other.

I sat in the aisle seat. My wife in the middle. In the window seat was a guy who midway through the flight got switched with a crazy hyper 25 year old woman who had spilled her drink, a white russian, on someone in another row on the plane.

This woman was amazing. She got up 10 to 15 times in the two hours she sat with us.

She was all over the place. Laughing with some people. Yelling at others.

And then as soon as we land she takes out her cell phone, calls up her boyfriend and has the nerve to say:

"Hey honey. I was thinking about you the entire time."

I beg to differ. She was not thinking about him the entire time.

And I have 150 witnesses.


dave said...

You don't post for a week, and that's what we get? What am I paying for anyway?

As punishment, I think you should have to do a running diary of the Hammer Draft.

lj said...

ha. i thought it was really funny.

Darren Aronofsky said...

welcome home. it was great spending time.