Friday, May 04, 2007

You want free money or you want Bobby?

Thanks to my friend Matt G. we were hooked up last night with passes to go see the Las Vegas premiere of the movie "Lucky You."

The film wasn't exactly Rounders 2. Someone still needs to make the next great poker movie. But the evening was fun as all the icons were in attendance. Doyle and Todd Brunson. Daniel Negreanu. Mike Matusow. John Juanda. Patrick Antonius. Greg Raymer.

It was kind of like being at poker camp.

The best part of the evening was sitting in movie theater directly in front of Mike Sexton. If you watch the World Poker Tour you know his voice is just so damn distinctive and it kept cracking me up to listen to him to talk.

At one point Eric Lindgren wandered over to Sexton and invited him to come play golf the next morning.

Eric Lindgren: "Me, Ivey and Negreanu are going out tomorrow at 11 AM."

Mike Sexton: "I'm supposed to go out at 11 with Bobby."

Eric Lindgren: "Well you want free money or you want Bobby?"

Forget about poker.

If I'm going to make money in this town I need to work on my golf game.

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