Friday, January 26, 2007

Vegas Fact

I woke up this morning and decided I can be useful to people not living in Las Vegas by occasionally offering up something called my Vegas Fact.

The idea is that this can be information I provide to you good reader that is completely factual .

By factual I mean that I have witnessed it in person. I will admit that it's subjective. But I can also testify to it under oath.

Thus if I cannot provide first hand knowledge of the event, I will not offer it to you as a fact.

For example I'm not really sure I can prove the earth isn't flat. So I won't claim that as fact.

I've also heard many times that taxi drivers get paid money to bring people to strip clubs. So you can get them to drive you there for free. But again, I can't say this is a fact since I haven't done it myself.

Finally, I've heard that you can't bring your gun into the casino so most people leave them in their car under their seat. Again, I believe this to be true (unless the guy who told me the story was bluffing) but I won't list it as a fact since I didn't see it happen.

But enough examples of what aren't facts. Lets get to a fact!

Vegas Fact #1
In Las Vegas cash games when you go all in you don't have to turn over your cards to show everyone what you had.

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