Monday, January 15, 2007

Starting Slow

I lost 150 at Caesars Palace Friday night when I pushed with two pair on the flop and got called and then outdrawn by a straight draw. But that sort of chaos is exactly why I was sitting at a 1/2 table. My game is rusty and I want to play low enough so that it doesn't hurt when I lose.

I've heard a few tales of people coming to Vegas and immediately going broke. I'm not talking addictive gamblers but rather speaking of the universe suddenly conspiring against you.

I'm paraphrasing here but I think they call this something like "the new house curse." It makes perfect sense. You buy a new house and suddenly with a big mortgage payment each month you find yourself getting outdrawn over and over. At the moment I'd much prefer these losses to be hundreds and not thousands.

Saturday night I played at Mandalay Bay. I ended up breaking even after losing a decent sized pot to a higher made flush right before I left at 4am. To my credit at least I didn't reraise on the river. I might normally have raised in that spot but I got a real funny feeling after my opponent sighed out loud when the flush hit. His over the top BS overreaction followed by him betting out 50 bucks reminded me way too much of some of the bad acting classes I've witnessed in North Hollywood, California.

The real shark move here would have been for me to fold my ten high flush but at this point it was way worth the 50 additional dollars to see that I was right.

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