Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finally some fun

I went shopping for a car today.

The entire experience was worth every dollar.

The negotiation was alot of fun. I kept repeating my price and defending my sources.

This car salesman was nothing like the animals we see at poker tables.

This guy was sensitive.

He went hack on me when I told him I had no way of knowing what he really paid for the car and he questioned me for questioning him and questioned whether our relationship could ever regain its former level of trust.

To prove his point, emphasize his integrity and gain my trust this guy goes behind the counter to a computer and prints out a piece of paper that says a number.

He prints out a number on a piece of a paper. So it must be true.

As if this is any more credible than the numbers that I've been misquoting for the past 30 minutes. The best part is I've gotten my numbers confused with a different car I was looking at so I'm completely convinced that my price is correct. I believe my own story and I'm sticking to it.

He tells me that no one follows the Edmonds numbers. I say "I do."

Open with silver close with gold, right? I decide to close with the walkout. Sure it's hack. But it works. I thank him. Tell him he's been great. But I'm gonna go test drive a Toyota Camry at another dealer. It's my right as an American. It's the reason we're fighting in Iraq.

He warns me that my car might be sold for more money if I leave. I tell him if he can get more money for this car then I think he should sell it to that person. I fully support him on this issue.

I also tell him that if I can find a similar car for less money somewhere else I'm gonna buy it.

But if I can't then I'll be back. No hard feelings.

And we walked out.

My wife and I barely had our Starbucks in hand when the phone rang. They wanted us back. At my price.

It felt so good to be wanted. I can't believe people always give car guys such a bad rap.


Chas said...

Jesus man, what kind of car was it!??! follow up on these stories!

EskimoQuinn said...

It's silver.