Monday, January 07, 2013

Some Soul Searching

The auction isn't up yet.  Obviously.  Or else you would have already been bombarded with the associated advertising. I did create a seller account at EBAY.  I just need to take some photos of this "casino memorabilia" and we should be all good to go. 

An aside: I had a moment over the weekend where I thought maybe I should just donate whatever the highest bid is to charity.  And that got me thinking about how the amount of money received actually has an effect on what I'd like to do with it. 

Most dollar amounts feel right to donate.  Like if someone wants to pay $1,000 bucks for the underwear, I want to pass that on to folks who could use it more.   Same thing goes regardless of whether it's 50 bucks or Ten thousand. 

But for ethical, moral, and discussions sake, lets say someone was willing to spend alot more than this. 

Like what if someone spent $1,000,000?   Should this change anything? 

Before you immediately dismiss this possibility, I do want to remind you that they are lucky underwear.  So anything is possible.  

Here's where I found myself wavering. 

You see one million dollars would be life changing....for me. 

My donating this same one million dollars by itself probably doesn't stop world hunger or cure cancer.   

So to review I am okay with giving the underwear away and passing on whatever they are worth to charity. 

Unless you want to give me one million dollars. 

Then I want to keep it.

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