Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Do You Feel Lucky?

Happy 2013! 

With the start of a new year I found myself doing some cleaning and came across the underwear I wore when I made the final table of a WSOP event in 2006.   It was a 3 day event.  I wore them on the 1st day and after somehow making it to day 2 I decided to wear them again.  When I made the final table and came back for day 3 there was no question what I'd be wearing underneath my pants. 
This underwear was the real deal.  I didn't lose a race for 3 days.  My AK always beat the opponent's pair.  My pocket pair always held up against their AK.  Oh sure these underwear didn't eventually figure out a way for my Ten, Jack to beat the early position raiser's pocket queens but lets be reasonable with our expectations.  In what would be my tournament ending hand, I needed a fold from my opponent, not help from my underwear.   

After this tournament ended these became my lucky underwear and were brought out anytime in the years to follow when I needed a little extra oomph in my game. 

So now it's almost 7 years later and here I am looking at them and deciding that maybe it's time to finally move on.  Yet there's no way I can just throw them out.  Can't do that.  They have too much meaning.   

No.  This specific scenario appears to have only one possibility for resolution: 

For me to auction them off on Ebay.

I will most likely need a few days to figure out  how one does this.   But come next week I plan to have everything set up perfectly to present you good reader with what some are calling "the best opportunity of 2013." To be the brand new owner of my lucky underwear. 

My only regret is not having thought of this in time for the recent holiday season as I am sure they would have made the perfect Christmas gift for the gambler in your life.

More info to follow after I figure out Ebay.


MorningThunder said...

What if I want to buy them now? Laundered or unlaundered. Choose carefully

WillyR said...

How come I can't like this post? Where's the thumbs up guy?

WillyR said...

How come I can't like this post? Where's the thumbs up guy?

David Mac said...

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