Thursday, July 03, 2008


Sometimes I get stuck check calling against extremely aggressive opponents. Raising scares them away so I'll let them bet my made hands for me. Of course the detriment to this style of play is when one of these guys sucks out on me. Then I get to internally steam that I let them hang around. But that's the risk involved in trying to maximize profit, since most times your opponent won't be drawing dead.

In my most recent session I defended with 9,10 suited from my big blind against the raise of an extremist. A third player called as well. I hadn't bet or raised many hands, so I didn't raise when the extremist led out with a bet on a 4,9,9 flop. The third opponent called behind me as well.

6 comes on the turn. Extremist bets again. I call.

Guy behind me pushes all in!

Extremist calls!


I have the extremist covered. I mostly have to decide if I have a better hand than the gentleman who pushed behind me. He has me covered. The board has two to a flush so (it's not likely but) part of me hopes he's chasing that. The reality is I'm scared of facing trips with a better kicker. Yet he's also the kind of guy who limps into every pot, so he could turn over any two cards here.

I call.

The good news?

He's got 7,9!

My 10 kicker plays at showdown and I win the side pot!

The bad news?

Turns out the extremist had pocket 6's and hit the third 6 on the turn. He wins the main pot. If I raise on the flop he folds but I made the decision not to raise there because I wanted him to keep firing bullets. I wanted to keep him in the hand. The fact that he hit a two outer doesn't change that.

"Long term Robert" understands the risk involved in slow playing.

"Short term Robert" wants to fire his head coach.


BadBlood said...

Couldn't agree any more. I do similar things but have resolved to not let the times that my opponents set their price AND catch bother me much.

You win so much more money long term by letting your opponents hang themselves with their own ropes.

Jeremy said...


Wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your "Vegas Year" updates this year.

I'm coming to Vegas in September and will look for you at a 1/2 table somewhere. Drinks are on me for the entertainment value you've provided.

Thanks and best of luck.

Jeremy Bell