Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1000 Minutes Of Discipline

I spoke with a friend last night who told me he just retired from poker.

"You're retired?" I asked.

I'd heard him correctly. Said he made the decision to retire based on a recent session. Apparently he went to play at 9:30 PM and then stayed all night long. Played until 2:30 PM the next afternoon.

Afterwards he was upset that he was unable to get up and leave the table. Okay. So perhaps he lacks the "discipline" to walk away from the game.

However he's sure got some "discipline" to sit there and play for 17 hours!

That's all I'm saying.

17 hour session?

The only thing I could do for 17 hours is sleep, and to complete that task I'd probably need a nap somewhere in the middle.

My friend summed up the pros and cons of what may be his last poker session. Ever.

"The good news is I played the entire time on just one buy in! The bad news is I lost it at the end after 17 hours of play. It was $200 hundred bucks!"

"Well at least you got your money's worth" I said.


F-Train said...

17 hours is nothing. Talk to me after you've passed the 30-hour mark (and this is where CK says "30 hours is nothing. Talk to me after you've passed the 40-hour mark").

FreeFormCoder said...

$200 for 17 hours of entertainment is a good deal. PAYING $200 to go to work for 17 hours is a terrible deal. That's like -$8 an hour. Minimum wage in hell.

PokerNotes99 said...

At least you got your money's worth...very nice.