Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too Tight? Too Loose?

I guess I'm doing something right.

Julian Gardner article from January 2007:

In the WSOP’s $2,000 no-limit hold’em event this year, I made another final table, this time as chip leader, but not by much. This final table to me demonstrates my point about knowing your opponents. I knew Billy Duarte and had played with four or five of the other players during the tournament, but I knew nothing about one of the newbies, Robert Cohen. From Cohen’s initial play, I had him pinned as a tight player, but after a while he went crazy, showing a bluff reraise with 7-2 and then reraising an all-in on his blind with J-10. The other player, Troy Parkins, had Q-Q and bust him from the tournament. I’d rather play against world-class players that I know than people like Cohen who show themselves to be so unpredictable. If you know what your opponent is capable of, you can put him on a hand or assess whether he’s making a move. But if a previously rockish new player starts showing hands you thought he would never play, it’s hard to plan an effective strategy.


WillyR said...

Fuck Yeah! Way to go Rob.

FreeFormCoder said...

excellent Robert, how much did you take home?