Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They Call It Grinding.

Tuesday night at the Bellagio.

Pretty tight table. Not too much action.

And to add to my lack of opportunity my best hole cards were pocket 9's.

I guess it kept me out of trouble.

The most I was down was $80. The most I was up was $150.

I finally left at 230 in the morning after 5 hours up 100 bucks.

I'd like to think this was the kind of night where in the past I'd have forced the action and taken some chances to double my stack. You know. Make something happen.

But not this time.

I guess I'm finally believing in the concept that the entire poker year is just one long session. We've all heard it before. But it's finally sinking into my bones.

It doesn't matter how much I win or lose on a Tuesday night at the Bellagio. It only matters that I play each hand correctly.

Forcing the action and losing money today only means that I first need to win back that money tomorrow.

Just to get even.

Much better for me to fold and wait.

And then come back tomorrow.

Especially against tight players on a Tuesday night who won't pay me off when I actually hit.

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Check Raise Chin said...

Jeez, i thought this entry was about strippers....too bad.