Friday, September 07, 2007

Fantasy Football

I haven't posted here the past few days mainly because I've been busy with fantasy football responsibilities.

I'm the commissioner of a league that's now in year 14.

It's hard to decide what to do with it.

Does it go on for the next 50 years? Are we near the end?

On one hand it's a wonderful hobby. A way to keep in touch with some old friends. And I genuinely enjoy the strategic decisions. The competition.

On the other hand it takes up alot of my time. There is plenty of stress being in charge.

People think I'm on call at any hour of the day to take care of their fantasy stuff.

A few mentally challenged owners think it's okay to yell at me when they don't get their way.

The last 4 years running I've been cursed out at our auction by an angry owner who then threatens to quit.

10 years ago I'd worry about this.

Now I don't try to stop them. Leave. Go right ahead. Makes no difference to me. I'll reconstruct the league with one less team. Or we'll find another owner. Who really cares?

This is one of the great things about having spent the past few years playing poker.

Other people's unwarranted bullshit does very little to me these days.

Back in the day I'd worry about appeasing them. I'd go out of my way to fix things. I took running the league very seriously. Like a job.

In 2007 it's all entertainment baby. If the league falls apart, it falls apart.

It's certainly not worth getting upset over.

These days I'm much more interested in the subtext of why someone acts like a jerk. I've learned to separate it from myself. To understand that their anger has nothing to do with me.

And it's all because of sitting at a poker table.

Who knew poker had so many benefits?


eric said...


I personally am honored to be a CliffBranch league member. Not that I am honored to be associated with the likes of Meat Curtains, but that I am in a league run by one Mr. Robert Cohen. And what that means is quality, reliability, comedy, and Brooklyn roots. One could not ask for more. I vote for 50 more years.

The draft was a classic -- it kinda of had to be that painful and dysfunctional. Ridiculous. I'm glad to see you've recovered.

dave said...

I have been doing 2-3 leagues a year for the last 12 or so years. That is a lot of drafts and auctions.

I have never been involved in a bigger train wreck than this auction. Yet Rob's new zen-like state actually helped it not end up like the hindenberg.

Pretty awesome dude. If you are carrying that over to the poker table now it can only mean immenent success.

Joe said...

What I read in this posting is that poker has given you the tools to be the asshole that you have always wanted to be. Keep up the good work.