Thursday, June 14, 2007

Standing in Line (AKA Vegas Fact #7)

Left Vegas on Monday. Returned here Thursday afternoon. Had an excellent time. And just like the brochure says I'm tan rested and ready.

As my wallet will testify I haven't played poker since last Saturday. I'm excited to get back to the Rio tomorrow. My goal hope and plan for the next month is to play as many hours as my attention span can handle.

The next tournament you'll hear my people talk about is World Series event 27 that starts this Saturday.

What are my people saying?

My people felt pretty good about last Saturday. My people just wanna make sure I stay away from calling. There were a couple of hands last week that I called in position that my people think would have been real interesting had I reraised.

Basically I want to get back to putting my opponents to difficult decisions. Even if I'm wrong and I run into aces it'll just feel so much better to my constitution than calling. And by my constitution I mean my stomach.

Sure calling feels easier at the time. But in the long run calling isn't easier. Calling is the big lie.

Speaking of calling, my phone has a camera. Below are some phone photos I took standing in line to buy into a poker tournament with Jennifer Harmon and Ted Forrest .

If a celebrity gossip rag like In Touch magazine ran these photos they'd add a caption to them like "They buy into tournaments just like we do!"

Vegas Fact #7
Pro players have to buy into tournaments just like the rest of us.

Dude. You know Jennifer Harmon? I think that's her.

Over there in front of us. Yeah to the left of the gray guy in the tan slacks and to the right of the guy on the phone.

I'm telling you. That definitely her.

I'm not stalking her. No I'm not. You told me that the pros were able to get past the lines and I'm simply gathering evidence that proves that she has to wait in line too.

Yes you did. You told me that they could go to a casino host or high roller cage and buy in that way.

Yo look away! Look away! The guy on the phone is starting to notice me taking pictures. Act cool.

Dude that is definitely her. Waiting in line. This is awesome.

I can't believe we waited in line with Jennifer Harmon. She's gotta be on my list of top 100 poker players that I'd wanna wait in line with.

Dude check it out. That's Ted Forrest to my right.

I can't believe we're standing in line behind Ted Forrest.

This is insane. He actually stands in line to buy himself into events. Just like Jennifer Harmon!

I can't believe that in just one day we knocked 2 people off my list of top 100 poker players I'd want to stand in line with! Dreams do come true!

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Check Raise Chin said... "my people" I hope you mean real people not imaginary people. I hope the desert isn't getting to you Good luck and kick ass!