Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm back in Vegas after a 48 hour trip to Los Angeles.

It feels real good each time I take a couple of days off from poker.

I definitely get burned out from playing. Other guys seem to be able to sit there all day. Hour after hour. Day after day. Not me.

In fact I think the biggest challenge I'll face the next few months of the Vegas Year is going to be logging enough hours at the table.

I've been doing well lately and having winning sessions but unfortunately this business only makes money when I'm there.

So not only do I need to display discipline at the tables. I also need the discipline to show up to the casino every day. Treat it like a job. Because it is.

One fear tactic I use on myself is the reminder that I don't have to be doing this. I could just get a real job. And then have to show up there everyday. And probably make less money. And most likely not have the freedom I have right now to make my own schedule.

When faced with this alternative, suddenly just getting my lazy ass to the poker table every day seems like such a more reasonable option.

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Check Raise Chin said...

Hey Rob...nice to see you're doing well. Have you ever thought of moving up in levels? You could make more per session (of course lose more) but then you could have more time off if, let's say you're having more winning sessions at higher stakes etc....just thinking on what your thoughts were on this.