Tuesday, September 03, 2013

John McCain? Too Liberal!

The United States Senate is discussing Syria and someone caught John Mccain playing internet poker on his phone.  The ensuing discussion thread- whether or not it's appropriate to play poker on your phone when lives are at stake.  Oh and of course there was criticism that McCain has already made up his mind without listening to any new information or arguments.  That's all unfortunately true. 

My problem here is no one's asking the question how is McCain's playing internet poker?  At what site?  In what State?  He even tweeted that he lost.  Maybe it's legal in Arizona but I thought you had to be in the State in which you were playing.  In this case McCain's in DC with the Senate. 

Look I'm too lazy to look up any of these facts so hopefully the way this resolves is I'll bump into someone from Arizona who will tell me what their local internet poker laws.   Or some harder working blogger will do a search of the web and write the answer.    That would be even better because then I wouldn't have to hang out with anyone from Arizona. 

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