Monday, July 19, 2010

The Long and Winding Recap

WSOP Event 54.  $1000 No Limit Hold 'em Tournament.  3,844 players entered.    

First hand.  Human being under the gun raises to 75.  Everyone sitting between us folds.  I look down at pocket kings.  

Most folks probably raise here.  

I call.  

Mostly to annoy my readers.  

You know. 

In case I ever get to write about this.   

I also want the raiser to bet again on the flop.  

Oh sure this sort of greed has gotten me into trouble before.  Particularly when said opponent flops a set.  

I will give you that. 

That I will concede. 

You are correct indeed.

All I ask for in return is you to acknowledge the war crimes of your nation and admit that my opponent will not put me on pocket kings later on in the hand.  

And as long as we're talking openly here, can we also discuss the elephant in the room?  

The fact that the man sitting to my left has raised preflop from first position.   

Back when I played poker in Texas in the late 20th century this could only mean one thing:

He has aces.

Have I mentioned this is the first hand of the tournament?  

I have? 

Then why do I need to play a big pot against him right now with one pair?  

Why can't I see the flop and rely on my alleged experience?   

Doesn't anyone slow play anymore?

You would have raised?  


That's fine.    

Nothing wrong with raising here.

However at this point I would just like to move on and talk about the rest of the hand.  

Can't we move on?


Why can't we get to the flop of the first hand of the tournament without having a complete meltdown?

I know.  I get it.  

You would have raised and I called.    

We all get it.   

What can't you let this call go?   

Why is it such a big deal that I didn't raise preflop from the blinds with kings? 

Why are you doing this?

I just spent 5 nights in Vegas.  I've got hours of stories.   

If you're going to be this difficult about how I handled the first decision on the first hand we'll never get through them.  

Actually you know what?  Forget I said anything.

I don't mind waiting.  

I don't care if this takes months.  

Ask the other readers.  

Patience is my virtue.   

Unfortunately the way life works, all of you have to suffer through this delay just because a few people don't get it.  

Well one in particular.  

Okay. Lets try to keep this going. 

So I call and the flop comes out king,8,2.  All hearts.  

I've hit top set but live in a world where I have no flush draw. 

I check and let villain bet.  He obliges by sliding out 450.   More than twice the pot. 

We started with 3000 chips.  I raise to 1450 total.   

He pushes all in. 

Time to double up or go to lunch.  

I don't think he's flopped the flush.  

He must have a heart though right?   

Actually if he doesn't have a heart then this gentleman really has heart.   

I obviously call.   Worse case scenario, I'll have to hit my full house.

He turns over pocket aces, one of which appears to be the ace of hearts.  

Wow I'm happy I didn't raise him pre-flop.  

Lets take a moment to pause and discuss how good I am.  

All of you hacks....pushing all in preflop with your pocket kings and running into aces.  

Oh sure it's a great story.  But why get all your chips in around 20%?  

Why not be like Robert and wait a street to get your chips in when you're ahead 66% to 34%?   

That's the difference between good and great players. 

Good players run kings into aces.  Great players flop sets. 

Incredibly my 66% holds and I win the pot and double up on my first hand.

Before I could even stack my new chips a group of young ladies walked over to ask if I was a male model.

An older couple (who looked like the folks that rail Ivey) inquired to see if they could get me any fresh fruit to eat.    

The tournament director then tapped me on the shoulder to check if my seat was comfortable enough.  

This is what life is like when you're running well.  


HighOnPoker said...

The ramble at the beginning between you and the unseen reader...classic. It makes me wish I wrote it.

Aussiesmurf said...


Aussiesmurf said...

Fantastic to see you back. Please keep writing. I check periodically to see if there has been any update.