Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Getting Back In The Flow

I haven't played nearly enough poker since leaving Las Vegas in August.

How much isn't enough?

-Once at Harrahs Rincon near San Diego in September.

-A second time at the Blerge in Brooklyn in October.

-A third time at some card room in Northern California in December.

And that's it.

I did however get back into the online scene this week after getting a small transfer on Full Tilt from Check Raise Chin.

My first action was Monday night. I stayed within my bankroll like a good human being by entering a $2.25 tournament. There were 436 players and I came in 1st place.

What does this mean?

Now I get to play in $4 dollar tourneys!


BWoP said...


sootedshit said...

heehe well done! You gonna stay within your bankroll or binge???

Adam said...

Very glad to see you back in the posting habit - had been visiting every day during the vegas year, and really enjoyed all your posts. I should have expressed my appreciation DURING the vegas year, rather than after!