Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I ain't going anywhere.....yet.

The bad streak continues.

Today it was queens losing to 6,8 when an actual human being called my pot sized flop bet with bottom pair and then hit another pair on the turn. Very strange play. If he's not going to fold on the flop he should at least reraise me to try to get me to fold. There's no long term value in calling there. Very strange play indeed.

Unless maybe he sees the future. In which case it was a great though obvious play.

Then my night ended with good old pocket kings. I raised preflop and did everything I could to act like I was stealing. It worked because a gentleman reraised me with his pocket 10's. It was one of those mini reraises that people do with pocket aces. And if he had aces then good for him cause he's about to get paid off post flop. I smooth called him and then sat back and waited for him to bet again on the flop. If I reraise him preflop he might fold and I don't want to lose my fish.

The flop comes all connected.

He bets like he supposed to. I reraise all in. He calls.

His 10 comes on the river. He he.

It doesn't hurt like yesterday.

I got all my money in twice with the best hand. That's all I can do. And today I understand that.

If keep doing that over and over I should be able to make a living doing this.

And if I don't that's fine too.

Somehow it felt way too personal yesterday. Today I'm just trying to enjoy the ride.

One way I calmed myself down was to remember that I'm playing poker with money I won at poker. So in a worse case scenario, I lose poker money. If it weren't for poker I wouldn't have this money to begin with.

Now I'm going to eat dinner and be a human being for a few hours.

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